Glenn Martinez, PHD

Glenn is from San Antonio and has lived in several haunted locations in the city.  After having his first encounter with a diabolical spirit in 2002, Glenn set off on a journey to bring deliverance to the community of San Antonio.  He began his journey investigating and studying his surroundings which led him to pursue a doctorate degree in the field of Demonology/Deliverance Ministry.  Armed with the power of the Holy Spirit, he cleanses all properties of demons and lost spirits and has done several deliverance exorcisms.  Any human spirit that is found is respectfully sent to the light to live a better afterlife.  God has blessed Glenn in many aspects of his life from being able to cleanse properties of demons to being a singer/songwriter/musician.  In 2012, he met John Delgado of San Antonio Ghost Hunters and began working together on many investigations.  Come out with Glenn and have a "paranormal visit", an experience you will never forget!

John Delgado

John is the founder of San Antonio Ghost Hunters and has performed hundreds of paranormal investigations.  He started his journey as a "ghost hunter" after he purchased a home that was haunted by the former owner.  Soon after moving into the home he starting experiencing paranormal activity that he was able to witness with his own eyes but had no normal explanation.  He began to capture as much paranormal evidence as possible and has helped countless families who have been tormented by paranormal activity in their homes or places of business.  He has also been featured on My Ghost Story (bio ch), about an investigation he performed.  John has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of paranormal activity.  Come along and join John for a "paranormal visit" of your own!

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